Small-Time Thief Would Rather Return To Prison Than Be Under House Arrest With His Wife

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An unnamed 37-year-old man from Rome has had enough. He spent nearly three months under house arrest constantly arguing with his wife, and decided that he would rather live in prison than with her. He told police officers, “Put me inside, otherwise it will end badly.” The police granted his request, and he will serve the remaining eight months of his sentence in Rome’s Regina Coeli prison.

Either his wife is the most insufferable woman on the planet, or this guy has some serious connections on the inside. Since he’s serving time for a series of petty offenses, I doubt that he’ll be living it upĀ Goodfellas style in the joint. Last time I checked, purse snatchers don’t get to enjoy red wine and medium rare steaks in prison. So I guess his wife must be a tremendous ball-breaker. But can living with her really be worse than prison? I’d rather deal with endless nagging than having to protect myself from taking a shank to the throat or a wiener to the butthole. I can recover from a tongue-lashing for not taking out the trash, that’s no problem. It’s much harder to brush off getting murdered/raped. Those prison stakes are too high for me, babes. I’d just invest in some Beats headphones, and put a kegerator in the basement. Problem solved.

Unless she was trying to make him shave her armpits, than all bets are off. You book it outta there, and ask for a life sentence.

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