Small-Time Thief Becomes Legend When He Dresses Up As WaWa Employee And Steals Cigarette Cartons

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A New Jersey man is being looked for after he committed what can only be described as the greatest theft in the history of thefts. He was caught on the store’s surveillance camera dressed up as an employee of the best convenience store chain ever. Sporting a blue Hoagiefest t-shirt tucked in to his khakis and that dorky-ass WaWa hat, the perp proceeded to casually walk behind the store’s counter, as an employee would, and take at least five cartons of cigarettes. This amount of cigarettes he stole is worth around 380 dollars.

Police are still looking for the suspect.


I can’t even tell you how much respect I have for this thief. He genuinely looked the part of an employee, and went about his business casually, all while basically giving the finger to the entire WaWa franchise. Sure he only took $380 of cigarettes from the store, but it’s the message behind his robbery that was priceless. This is a move that says “I dare you to try to stop me.”

It’s feel-good stories like this that give hope to us small town guys just trying to make their way in this world. I mean, think about it, one day you’re nobody, the next day you have WaWa in your rear-view mirror and the world just trying to get a piece of your shit.

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