Slaughter Bowl. Not All Pey Pey’s Fault, and One Of The Best Super Bowl D’s Ever.

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Wow.  The Legion of Boom made legends of themselves Sunday night.  They also made a mockery of what was one of the greatest offenses in NFL history.  The Seahawks put together one of the most dominant defensive Super Bowl performances ever, pummeling an overmatched Denver squad into submission.  It was never a contest.  It was obvious early that the Seahwaks were the better team, they seemingly won every individual matchup from the start.  Incredibly physical, their performance reflected those of the past great defenses of the last 30 years.  They join the 2000 Ravens, the 2001 Buccaneers, and the 1985 Bears as the best defenses of the last 3 decades.

Meanwhile, Denver played piss poor football from the word go.    Center Manny Ramirez chucked the opening snap of the opening possession into Denver’s own end zone, giving the Seahawks a safety, and a 2-0 lead.   (Prop bet paradise.)  Denver never recovered, getting smashed and shut out in the first half; hell, they weren’t even able to muster a first down until the mid second quarter.  Peyton and company didn’t stand a chance.

Speaking of Peyton Manning, he’ll get hammered today by the public, the national media and all of the NFL experts that live throughout this great nation.  But this loss shouldn’t only be his to bear.  Denver was overpowered at almost every offensive position on the field.  The only receiver that consistently won on the outside was Demaryius Thomas, and the running game was non-existent because Denver’s “stud guards” (my quote all week) got pushed around like little children.  Sure, Manning threw two picks, but neither were his fault.  Julian Thomas quit on a route on the first one, and on the second pick the entire right side of Manning’s line collapsed like a sex addict with a bad heart during the AVN’s.  To say that this loss is because Manning “choked” is just stupid. No quarterback, with those same teammates, going against that defense, on that  day, would have been able to produce a different result.  I don’t think any of the great quarterbacks in NFL history could have produced against that defensive onslaught. Not Brady, not Rodgers, not Montana, not Marino, not Bradshaw, not Farve, not Staubach, not Starr, not Young, not even Johnny Unitas himself. To lay blame on Manning is to take away from how great the Seahawks played, and I’m not buying into that.  Of course Manning, as the leader of this Denver team isn’t completely absolved from blame,  but he wasn’t the main or only reason for this Broncos disaster, it was a total team fail.  (Terrible special teams, poor coaching decisions, and turnovers.)

Ironically, Denver’s defense played pretty well before collapsing from mental exhaustion in the late second half.  When Percy Harvin returned the opening second half kickoff for a touchdown (nice decision to pop up a kick to one of the fastest and most dynamic players in football), it was 29-0 and Seattle had scored only 1 offensive touchdown.  Denver had held on several short fields and inside the red zone, but their offense continued to let them down.  And while Russell Wilson, and his receivers, played well, the real story and reason for the win was the dominating and suffocating Seattle defense.

The other Super Bowl failure came from the betting public.  Over 70% of the public, present company included, wagered on the Broncos.  I should have known better.  Rarely do I ever bet finesse over brutality, I simply bought the hype and though Manning could exploit this  zone in the flats and in the middle of the field.  Wrong.  I also thought the Broncos could win the line of scrimmage.  Wrong.  I also thought it was Peyton Manning’s year.  Wrong on all counts.  Yet despite my handicapping failures, I was happy to watch a nasty, dominating, and mean defense bring a title to their city.  Coming from Baltimore, I have a love for defense, and it’s good to see that championships are still won by teams playing overpowering and nasty football.   Seattle exemplified that on both sides of the ball and greatly deserves this championship.


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  1. Manning choked, but the whole team did essentially, including coaching. Can’t put it all on him.

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