Skip Bayless Ranked Joe Flacco The Number One First Round Quarterback Of The Last Decade

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People in Baltimore can say what they want about Joe Flacco, and some of the criticism about him is valid. But the overall fact is that he single handedly won this city a Super Bowl, and his playoff record speaks for itself. Flacco has taken a turn for the worse the last three seasons, but I’m still convinced he’s a top 10-12 quarterback in the league, and if he has a team around him, can win another Super Bowl.

Is Flacco today the most talented one on this list? Absolutely not, but when looking at his body of work, Skip, for once, made the right choice.

When watching the segment of Skip talking about these quarterbacks, it’s basically just him getting an excuse to rip Andrew Luck, who he said a million times would be a worse pro than RG3. Obviously, he was wrong about that, as he is in most of his quarterback predictions (similar to when he said Josh Freeman was a better QB than Flacco). But either way, at least he finally came around on Flacco.


You can watch the video of this segment here, because obviously no one ever actually watches that joke of a TV show.


USA Today though must have been high as a kite when they came up with their list:



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