Sizzle Says Ravens Look As Good As They Have Since Super Bowl

Sports and Bets — August 21, 2016 at 10:12 am by

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Ravens’ team leader Terrell Suggs seems to have a lot of confidence in the Ravens this year.– “It feels like everything that we lost last year, we’re getting it all back,” Suggs said Thursday, per the team’s website. “We’re getting our swag back, our chemistry. Everything is starting to feel good. Now we’re starting to feel like the Ravens again. All that is key, it’s big, and it goes a long way for morale too.

“I would have to say since our Super Bowl year and the year before, I think this is the best we’ve looked since then.”


After an abysmal 5-11 season last year, anything resembling a playoff appearance would be very welcome in Baltimore. The Ravens are now 2-0 in the Preseason.


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