Six Months Ago I Had Never Heard Of Sochi, Now I Am Blogging About Their Toilet/Bathroom Rules

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This is the toilet/bathroom rules poster at the Olympic Village, it’s all over the internet.

Obviously the Russians frown upon pissing while standing, puking in toilets when hung over, shitting in the upper tank of the toilet, fishing for your own shit-logs, and either throwing tampons in the shitter, or pulling your own piece of crap out of the toilet with your bare hands.  (I can’t tell exactly what the picture in the bottom right corner is trying to say.)
Apparently you’re not supposed to put your toilet paper in the toilet either after you wipe; the Russian hosts are supplying small trash cans for the piss and shit paper.  That sounds just great.  Nothing like a reeking pile of human waste wipes sitting in the bathroom corner.
High terrorism threats, anti-gay hate propaganda, and now 3rd world toilet accommodations.  Who in the hell decided to have the Olympics there?

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