Six Great Songs You Haven’t Heard In A While (Or Ever) To Take You Into The Weekend

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It’s always good to start the weekend off with some good tunes.  On this particular Friday, I’m digging deep to bring you some numbers that you probably haven’t heard in a while.  Hell, there may even be a few in here that you somehow missed.  Enjoy the music and your weekend, babes.

SOJA- Me and You:

SOJA, formerly known as Soldiers Of Jah Army, is a reggae band out of Arlington, Virginia.  I know, Arlington may not seem to be a place that would spawn a proper reggae band, but it did.  This song is only four years old, but it feels nostalgic and it feels like summer.  Warm days and cold beers, babes….


311- Omaha Stylee:

One of my favorite groups of all time, this rock/rap/ska/reggae combo was one of the bands that changed the music game forever.  This jam comes off of 311’s second studio album, Grassroots.  Released in 1994, Grassroots, along with 311’s preceding album Music, was groundbreaking and mind-numbing stuff.  Their show at Hammerjack’s in 1995 (or 1996) remains one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen.  There’s no video, which is kinda lame, but the song still rocks, even on YouTube with no official video.

Catherine Wheel- Black Metallic:

Released in June of 1992, this song was the lead single off of Catherine Wheel’s debut album, Ferment.  Catherine Wheel had a distinct 90’s alternative sound and Black Metallic was their flagship number.  I was at College Park when this song came out and the DJ’s down there were playing it constantly.  College radio at its finest.  Love those wailing guitars and catchy but haunting riffs. The album version is over seven minutes long, but they cut the song to just over four minutes for the video. Great stuff from a band that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Gang Starr- Full Clip:

Gang Starr released Full Clip in 1999 as a new track on their compilation album, Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr.  Gang Starr featured the monotone styling of Guru laid over tracks created by DJ Premier, who for my money is one of the top hip-hop DJs in history.  The group had a falling out sometime in the mid 2000’s and Guru passed away after suffering a heart attack in 2010, but their legacy of hardcore raps over catchy and tough hooks lives on.  Classic hip to your hop, babes.

Merle Haggard- Mama Tried:

Merle “Fucking” Haggard is an old country singer who sings country like country should be sang.  I just saw this old goat perform at Springfest in Ocean City back in May and to say is was a great show would be an extreme understatement.  Mama Tried was released in 1968 and is a song about a guy who is turning 21 in prison while doing life.  Mama tried to raise him better, but he’s just a bad man, babes.  Merle was a music gangster before there was gangster.

Weezer- The World Has Turned And Left Me Here:

Weezer’s Blue Album came out 1994 and when it did everyone lost their damn mind.  One of the best albums of any generation, Weezer’s loveable nerd rock cranks full in this number that deals with the loneliness of a jealous and obsessive boyfriend after his girl finally leaves him. Off course the song does it in a manner that rocks and somehow makes you feel wonderful.  The world desperately needs a new group like Weezer and it needed it yesterday.

Hope you enjoyed the music.  Have a lovely weekend, babes.

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  1. No Bette Midler…what the fuck kinda list is this? The “Wind Beneath My Wings” gets me in the mood to slay vag all weekend long….

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