Simulate A Real Life Border Crossing In Mexico For Just $20!

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Would you pay $20 for  a three-hour “experience” designed to show you what it is like to illegally cross the border from Mexico into the United States? At the amusement center known as Parque EcoAlberto in Hildago Mexico, they are packing the event nightly with tourists and locals.  To understand why the park created the “Night Walk” experience, you only have to look at the local census numbers. According to reports, the community has lost nearly 80% of its population to the United States. The aim of this attraction is to educate the locals that crossing the border is not only dangerous and illegal, but it robs the community of precious human talent. So, what do you get for your $20? the three-hour border crossing simulation includes:

  • Being chased by dogs
  • Avoiding border guards
  • Running from narco-gangs
  • Crossing a river
  • Being driven blindfolded to their final destination of “Dallas” (not really Dallas). []

How many tasteless jokes does this shit bring to mind?  But never mind all that, my head is spinning.  Anything to make a buck these days.  But I got to give the Parque some credit, this is a great concept.  It seems to truly define the modern immigration experience without the dog bites, jail time, or possible horrible death.  Maybe we could sponsor a border crossing style 5 k somewhere in or around ol’ B-town.  You could start in Gunpowder Park, and if you survived the obstacles and finished, you would get trucked down to Fells Point for a good old-fashioned Latin American Fiesta!  Too politically incorrect?  Ok let’s go back in time with an old European theme.  You know, tiny wooden boats, scurvy, and lack of clean water.  Then once landfall was made, you would be attacked by blood thirsty Native Americans with fake arrows, clubs, and spears.

But back to the present.  For the record I could give a shit about immigration, hell, we’re all immigrants, and besides, who am I to tell someone they can’t pursue a better life?   But all the folks who go to this Parque can stay in Mexico.  They just don’t have the cojones to go for the real thing.  Although for twenty bucks it may be a pretty good time…..

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