Sign Language Interpreter At Mandela Service Was Complete Fraud

News — December 11, 2013 at 10:58 am by

As it turns out, the guy providing sign language during Nelson Mandela’s memorial was a complete fake. This guy did interpretations for nearly 100 heads of state, including President Obama, and had zero clue what he was doing. Leaders in the deaf community said this guy was “literally flapping his arms around.”

One solid move.

To top it off, this isn’t the first time the interpreter has worked at African National Congress events. Members of a Sign Language organization have tried to figure out who this guy is, but are having zero luck. Who would ever think you could pull this off? Or that it would be worth it? This guy had zero clue what he was doing, and he is in an arm’s length of the President.

Watch this guy compared to the real thing.

Legit Sign Language.

via NyDaily

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