Shout Out To Colt The Service Dog, Who Will Act As A Pillow If Owner Experiences A Seizure

Entertainment — August 8, 2017 at 8:12 am by

This is just another reminder that dogs are the absolute best. This is Colt, and he is trained to protect his owner’s head if she were to experience a seizure.

Youtube This is how Colt is trained to block my head during a seizure, because I have a TBI it is very dangerous for me to hit my head, I can literally die if I hit my head really bad again. This is only a reenactment, this is NOT a real seizure. And no of course I’m not really hitting my head in this video. This is just us keeping up with his training, I have to test him on everything that he knows often to make sure he still does it all reliably. He is trained to do this in a certain way that keeps both him and me safe, he will not get hurting doing this the way he has been trained to. I’m not actually there during a seizure so I would not be able to know if he did his job right or not.The important thing that makes me super proud is that he never stops trying. He always looks back to make sure I am safe and keeps trying till I am. I am so blessed to have him. He has saved my life in many ways.  

I understand that Colt is trained with an award system, but I refuse to believe he doesn’t understand he is protecting his people. Dogs for the win.

Colt is a legend.

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