Shoplifter Hid From Police In Arbutus Giant Ceiling For 7 Hours

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ARBUTUS, Md. (AP) — Baltimore County police say a shoplifting suspect hid in a grocery store’s ceiling for seven hours while police closed and searched the store. Officers were called to the Giant Food store on Wilkens Avenue in the Arbutus area around 3 p.m. on Tuesday for a shoplifting call. Police say the store’s loss prevention personnel detained a woman suspected of shoplifting, but she fled and climbed up into the area above the store’s ceiling. The store was closed while police searched for the woman for hours. Around 10 p.m., police say the woman was found and taken into custody.

While I don’t condone shoplifting, I gotta respect this lady’s assertiveness and determination. Spending seven hours in a damn ceiling hiding from police has got to feel like an eternity. As awful as that experience must’ve been, I still think that it was her best chance to escape her predicament. Usually when people get caught shoplifting, they try to flee the scene on foot. While that sounds like a pretty reasonable strategy, unless you can really motor, your ass is getting caught. Her only prayer was to blend in with her surroundings like the female John Rambo. She had a good run, but ultimately justice prevailed. She went to jail, the police, employees, and customers went home, and no one suffered any grisly stab wounds. I bet this poor son of a bitch would’ve loved such a peaceful resolution.

via WJZ & The Baltimore Sun

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