She’s 44. She’s Got Six Kids. And She Ran A Mile And Chugged Four Beers In 6:28.6

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What you do today, bro?  Obviously nothing this important.  On November 2nd of this fine year, Chris Kimbrough, a mother of six, broke the women’s beer mile world record by 13 seconds.  The previous record had stood for 17 years.

The beer mile consists of running a mile by doing four laps around a 400 meter track.  Prior to each lap, the runner must chug a 12 ounce beer.  The whole thing is timed from the moment the first beer hits the competitor’s lips and there are penalties for throwing up.  So to chug four beers and run a mile in under six minutes and thirty seconds like Kimbrough did is pretty impressive.  Add the fact that she’s 44 and has six kids and the feat is downright nasty.


James Nielson holds the men’s record with a time of 4:57.1.

All of this running and beer chugging in record times is quite inspiring, but round here it’s pretty normal.  Hell, in Baltimore, I heard a crackhead, high as fuck and half-starved from being a crackhead, ran from O’Donnell Heights to Ann Street in Fells Point in under 12 minutes.  He was on the verge of getting popped in an under cover drug buy- but his lightning speed and surprising stamina kept him out of Castle Dracula downtown.  Now that’s athleticism and awareness, hon.

Anyway, here’s Kimbrough tearing it up.  Solid burping skills, babes…..

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