Shaquille O’Neill’s Feet Were Revealed Last Night And They Are GROSS

Sports and Bets — May 26, 2017 at 1:18 pm by


I’m not a guy who’s typically weirded out by feet at all. Feet aren’t meant to be the most beautiful part on the body, and if you look at mine you’ll see one toenail peeled back ready to fall off, and another one that’s partially black from being dead/infected or something, and a bunch of blisters all over the place. The world hasn’t been kind to my feet in recent years. And my big toe is oddly far away from my second toe. Pretty sure the doctors told my mom they thought I had Down Syndrome.

But even on my worst foot day, these pups are nothing compared to what Shaq’s got to work with.

Just look at these fuckers:



Those things are the most atrocious looking body part ever to be seen on a human. Get the man a pedicure, or maybe a hack saw to just cut them off. They gotta go.  

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