Shaq Was Shoved Into A Christmas Tree

Humor, Sports and Bets — December 26, 2014 at 1:21 am by

I was actually watching this live and couldn’t believe my own eyes. I thought I was hallucinating after consuming nothing but honey ham, chocolate chip cookies, and Coors Light for the past 12 hours. But then I saw my Twitter feed going crazy and I realized that I wasn’t seeing things. Kenny Smith really did shove Shaq into a Christmas tree after taking a better angle of pursuit than I’ve seen Matt Elam take all season long. That’s gotta be the funniest thing that’s ever happened in the history of halftime shows. I could watch that mountain of a man tumble into that giant tree for hours on end. If Shaq would’ve said, “Little full, lotta sap” while lying under the tree, I’m confident that I would’ve laughed until I pissed my PJs.

cover pic: Bleacher Report

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