Shake It Off B-More, Playoff Hunting Season for The Birds Continues

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I know people out there are bitching and moaning after a tough 3-1 loss to Boston Thursday night. Taken a chill pill, relax, and stay Buckled up.  The game Thursday night left a lot to be desired, but Boston is the best team in baseball right now. Going to their house and sweeping them is no easy task, so I’ll take 2 of 3 on the road and be happy with it. The Orioles are right in the mix as the hunt for Orange October continues, and The Chode is loving every second of it.

Before we get into October baseball. All I can think about is how amazing meaningful baseball in September is. It’s like every night is the World Series. All day at work all everyone is talking about is last night’s game and how big tonight’s game is. I was at Casey’s Bar and Restaurant Wednesday night and when Chris Davis hit that seeing eye single to give the Birds the go ahead runs the place erupted like I haven’t seen since Super Bowl Sunday. For a city that loves Football so much there is no doubt this town backs the O’s just as much when they are winning, especially during this time of year.

Sometimes, just like anyone, I can be biased towards the home team. So you’re goddamn right I think the Orioles are going to snag a wild card and make a World Series run, and I don’t give a damn how much easier Cleveland’s schedule is, we’re going to get it done. Even if we do come up short, I for one am going to be treating every game from now until then like game 7 of the World Series, and if you’re not, then I question your passion. The best part about baseball, unlike football, is instead of waiting a week after a bad loss to play again, you’re right back out there the next day. So clock in 9-5 tomorrow, and do whatever superstitious shit you need to do for good luck before first pitch, and let’s get ready to rumble with David Price and the Tampa Bay Rays.

It ain’t ever over when you got Crush in your corner.

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