Seriously, Does Buck Lick His Arm And Smell It During Tense Game Situations?

Humor — July 2, 2014 at 10:29 pm by

Love Buck.  No big deal if he does this.  But something licky and sniffy may be going on here when the O’s games are tight.  (The game was tied when the pic below was taken.)  Have you ever noticed that Buck always strikes this pose when things are close?  He does, babes. The nose is perched and poised just above the arm;  a few sniffs of freshly licked arm hairs isn’t out of the question. Maybe he’s enjoying a breath-check while he processes information and thinks of pitch-by-pitch strategies, consequences, and ramifications.  Definitely possible.

Seriously though, the smartest dude I went to college with did this.  He’d be studying, or be deep in thought, or whatever, and he’d lick his arm and smell it.  I don’t think he even realized he was doing it until we pointed it out to him.  He went on to be a fire protection engineer and he makes something like a gazillion bucks a year.

Obviously, this weird habit is a sign of intelligence.

So Buck, if you are licking your arm and smelling it, keep doing what you’re doing.  You have saved this franchise and that’s something only a genius could have pulled off.

Smell on, playa.



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