Seems Like The Hovering Blimp Is Causing Quite The Stir

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by: It Doesn’t Matter

About a month ago I woke up and I started my daily routine. Usually that entails researching conspiracies on YouTube for about an hour and then I make my daily tin foil hat. I use my hat when I go outside so the government can’t read my mind. But on this day I did not make my tin foil hat. and of course on the one day I forget my hat, I look to the east and see what may be an alien or government mother ship .  My first reaction was, “They got me, they got my thoughts, dammit!”. Quickly, I went to the Google machine to research this airborn antique.

What I found was shocking, my floating mother ship had nothing to do with the new world order. This hovering aircraft was simply a blimp.  But not a simple blimp, mind you.  What I thought was a mother ship was actually advanced missile defense technology    It seems as if the guvment erected this blimp for the use of tracking possible warheads coming off of Russian submarines and for the more likely threat of Muslim extremists launching a missile from a container ship off the coast. The government has publicly confirmed there are no cameras on the blimp and that the aircraft will not be used for surveillance. You are probably thinking exactly what I thought- bullshit. I panicked because I am sure they already have naked pictures of me. The surveillance is confirmed in the above video.

As for the aliens, I need to hurry and get my my tin foil hat on so they can call me.  I will be sure to pass on any vital information.

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