Security Guard Appears To Be Jerking Off While Standing Watch At The Chargers Game

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This video was apparently filmed this past Sunday at the Raiders/Chargers game, and it is pretty evident this security guard was putting in some serious work in his trousers. It’s a toss up, although the act itself is disturbing, I’m almost more disturbed that this dude thought he was flying under the radar. Cameras are everywhere, and thousands of fans are literally facing where this guy is standing. I hope this guy gets help, nobody in their right mind pulls this kind of move.

Here is what the original Facebook poster had to say:

So clearly Elite Security nor the San Diego Chargers care that they have a masturbating security guard at the game. Several attempts to call both organizations with no concern for the Charger Girls, Charger Fans or Kids. So yeah this happened right in front of us yesterday. WARNING INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT!

The man appears to work for Elite Security, and they went on to release this statement:

Elite has become aware of the social media post of inappropriate actions of an Elite staff member at Qualcomm Stadium on December 18th. Elite has employed thousands of people over the past 21 years, insists on the highest moral standards from our employees and regrets this isolated incident. Elite is currently investigating the incident and has no additional comment at this time.

via Deadspin

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