Second City Released A Pre-SNL Sketch Video Of Chris Farley as Matt Foley

Entertainment, Featured — February 18, 2014 at 3:41 pm by

by Seabass

Wow.  This is some old school comic genius stuff right here.  This is Chris Farley before his Saturday Night Live days, when he was doing sketch and improv comedy at The Second City. Gotta say that I had mixed emotions while watching it.  It’s great stuff, for sure, and funny as hell, but it also makes me kinda sad because we all know what lies ahead for Chris Farley.  Farley steals the scene here, as usual.  Also of note, Bob Odenkirk plays the Dad here and Tim Meadows plays the son.  Pretty talented group, right?  Despite the mixed emotions, you gotta love The Second City for releasing this classic…


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