Season On The Brink. Birds Lose Again To Royals, Down 3-0 In Series.

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The Run Down

The Orioles finally got the pitching performance they needed from starter Wei-Yin Chen and from a tough Kevin Gausman in relief.  Unfortunately, the offense responded by pissing the bed against an average Jeremy Guthrie.  The Birds managed just three hits off of the former Bird and current Royals starter, scoring just one run.  The one run damage was done early; Steve Pearce and JJ Hardy logged back-to-back doubles in the second to give the O’s the lead, 1-0.  But the Birds stranded Hardy at second, and Ryan Flaherty at first, to end the early threat.

The Birds wouldn’t advance a runner past first base for the rest of the night.

Even worse, after a Ryan Flaherty walk in the fourth, the O’s wouldn’t manage another base runner for the rest of the game.

Even worser than worse, the last 16 Baltimore batters would be retired.

And yes, the Royals bullpen was nasty, and yes Jeremy Guthrie pitched well, but he didn’t pitch, three hit, one run, well.  Even Cal Ripken and Ron Darling were saying how off Guthrie’s location was and how he was getting away with a lot of mistakes.  The Birds just weren’t making him pay.

It’s an ugly series for the O’s.

Meanwhile, the Royals are doing everything right and they are still getting every break.  How many more broken bat singles or bloop singles do we have to sit through?  It’s goddamn torture.  The Royals scored their first run on the following sequence:  bloop single, broken bat single, walk, ground ball out to first scores a run.  Death by paper cuts, game tied 1-1.

The other, and winning, Royals’ run, was scored in the sixth on a Billy Butler sacrifice fly. Double death by double paper cuts, score now 2-1.

The Royals are doing all the small things to win that the Orioles aren’t.  In three tight games, the little things have made all the difference.


Other Game Notes

Chen was good, going 5.1 innings and giving up just two earned and striking out four.  (Gausman pitched to Bill Butler on the sac fly but the runner at third was Chen’s.)  It was the best start of the series for the O’s and Chen really wasn’t hit hard until the sixth.  He deserved better.

Meanwhile, Kevin Gausman held down the K.C. bats in relief.  Though he did give up the sac fly, Gausman held the Royals hitless through 2.2 innings of incredibly solid relief.  No base runners allowed in a tough and key situation. The kid’s a player.

Jonathan Schoop made a great play gunning Escobar at second after Wei-Yin Chen air mailed his throw  over Pearce’s head after an Escobar ground ball in the fifth.   Escobar tried for second and Schoop picked up the errant throw and gunned him.

I would love to hate Rusty Kuntz….but I can’t.


Markakis, Hardy, and Pearce each logged a hit.  Flaherty drew two walks.  That was it, folks.


On Deck For The O’s

Gonzo goes for the Birds tomorrow at 4:00 P.M Eastern Standard Time. I don’t give a shit who’s pitching for K.C, cause I’ve only got one thing to say……

Let’s Go O’s!


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