Scumbag Package Thief Gets A Swift Dose Of Karma As She Runs Off

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People who steal packages from porches are the worst people on the planet. They ruin random strangers’ day for their own financial gain, and they make me wanna puke. I can’t imagine that they make much money doing this shit either. You would think that most of the packages they steal are going to be junk anyway. For every Rolex they swipe, they’ve gotta end up with at least nine packages of socks. Nice to see karma step in every once in awhile.

As it turns out, the rightful owner of these particular packages had some medication in it. It sucks that this person has to go through the hassle of getting their shit back, but at least they have a bit of satisfaction knowing this chick got roasted by some grass.

Fox LYNNWOOD, Wash. — Karma. That’s the word a Washington state homeowner said came to mind when she watched a thief slip and fall on wet grass while stealing several packages off her porch.  The driver of the getaway car can be seen getting out and carrying the suspected package thief to the car, and he then went back for the boxes! The homeowner told KCPQ the video is comical, but the boxes contained needed medication for her husband.

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