Screw Boxing, George Foreman Should Have Gone Straight To Grilling

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The other day it dawned on me that I hadn’t owned a George Foreman grill in some time. I shelled out 30 bucks and picked up a little black Foreman grill. In the past week I have been cooking everything I can possibly cook on this bad boy, mostly just because I can. Also, the fact that it’s 2 degrees outside makes firing up the outside grill seem like the worst idea since Mike Tyson’s face tattoo.

“Dont Do Drugs”

 So while I have been pumped about cooking a few solid burgers indoors, I realized a couple of things.  For starters, there is an entire generation who never had a chance to see “Big George” in action as a boxer. George hung it up for good in 1997. Yes,  Seventeen years ago.   Second of all, who actually cares about him as a boxer anymore? Foreman was a two-time world heavyweight champion, Olympic gold medalist, ordained minister, boxing hall of fame inductee, and an author. All of those accomplishments are fantastic, but the bottom line is his greatest achievement will always be his patented Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine. That, and maybe a close second would be naming  all five of his sons George. Don’t forget the one daughter who was lucky enough to be named Georgetta. He should have at least named the little tykes after the different Foreman Grill Models.

“ I could have saved myself a lot of training and head shots if I had just invented this before getting into boxing”

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