Scott Steiner Was Witness To Attempted Murder, Reporter Has Zero Clue He Is Talking To Freakzilla

Entertainment, News — April 13, 2016 at 10:18 am by

Welp, this is sneakily one of the best news reports I’ve seen in awhile. CBS 46 reporter, Dante Renzulli was covering a story, and straight up referred to Scott Steiner as, ” a man who owns a restaurant”. According to reports, what initially looked like a road rage incident in Georgia, actually turned out to be an attempted murder. Who was a witness? Big Bad Booty Daddy.

The man has made a living off of his ‘Freaks and Peaks,’ but on this day he was just an everyday, average Joe.

Greatness slipped right under your nose, Dante.

via With Spandex

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