Scores-Baltimore: Every Man’s Fantasy Football…..Draft Fantasy

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by Babes

Has your local fantasy football league party gone stale?  Do you go to the same place, eat the same cheap- ass food, drink a few beers and go home unsatisfied?  If you answered yes to these questions, that’s pretty damn lame. Your fantasy draft day should be like Christmas morning, a day you wait the entire year for.  Well don’t worry, I’ve discovered the perfect way to spice things up.  This year, have your fantasy football draft at Scores-Baltimore.

I mean what could be more perfect?  Instead of sitting your pimpled ass on a fold-out metal chair, relax in the lap of luxury on a leather chair in the VIP room.  Instead of grubbing out on Daryl’s wife’s bean dip, which gives you the shits every year like clockwork, have a 14 ounce Ribeye cooked to a perfect medium rare.  And most importantly, instead of staring at each other’s ugly mugs, enjoy taking in the view of a perfect pair of gazungas.  Scores can provide all of this and much more.

All you have to do is pony up a few more bucks, and book your party.  It’s actually not as overly expensive as you may think.  Scores offers a bevy of different packages that they will tailor specifically to your group and price range.  They have an all you can drink beer package, and a top shelf open bar package.  They offer all kinds of appetizers including chicken tenders, mozz sticks, and onion rings if you’re looking to go cheap on the food.  Makes sense to me, since it will probably be the best damn chicken tender you’ll ever have as you watch Desiree earn her tuition money.

I’ll bet that the majority of the guys in your league would have no problem pitching in a few more dollars, or even giving up a portion of that year end prize money to enjoy the draft more.  For a vast majority of men playing fantasy football, it’s one of the few days a year they can actually get away for a few hours and have time for themselves.  Why not kill two birds with one stone, enjoy your draft and get some fresh material for the highlight reel.  Makes perfect sense to me, but it’s just a thought.


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