Scoreboard: 10 Year Old Kid – 1 Home Invaders – 0

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A 10-year-old boy is the hero in Brooklyn, police said Tuesday, after he picked up a gun dropped by a home intruder and fired it, reports the ABC News 10Two men posing as FedEx deliverymen showed up at the Canarsie home around 5:30 p.m. on Monday. The boy’s two teenage sisters opened the door and the robbers ordered them to stay in the living room while they searched the house. The men went upstairs to the second floor where the owner of the home and the boy were hiding. When one of the intruders tried to enter their room the owner slammed the door on his hand so hard that he dropped his gun. The quick-thinking 10-year-old boy grabbed the gun and fired at shot at the robber. A shot was fired back, but no one was hurt. The two men then left the house running.

Is this kid a modern day Macaulay Culken or what?  Granted he wasn’t home alone. and of course Culken never hoisted real heat in anger, but this Brooklyn young gun definitely was the key to stopping a robbery and who knows what else.  I’m not sure if I’m impressed or disturbed by the fact that this child had no problem wielding and using an instrument of death with such ease, but he’s stamped himself as a bona fide Brooklyn badass regardless of what anyone thinks.  The United States Military needs to get this kid signed up ASAP.  Can you say, “future member of Seal Team Six”?

Meanwhile, Macaulay Culken fucked these dudes up back in the day….

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