School Janitor Peeps On Neighbors While Jerking Off On Roof

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A janitor at a middle school in Murray Hill, Manhattan is in hot water for some high altitude cranking. The unidentified man would make his way up to PS 116’s roof, and masturbate while peeping through the windows of a neighboring apartment building. A witness says that he’s been doing this for at least two weeks, but has yet to be arrested. According to a police source that spoke with the New York Post, “Peering into people’s windows is only a crime if it’s being done with binoculars or cameras.” So I guess the police have to catch him in the act with a sting fapping operation, which actually shouldn’t be too difficult since he doesn’t seem to be too secretive about what he’s doing. Via the New York Post:

On Tuesday, a Post reporter saw the man climb a ladder to the roof at 7:20 a.m. and hang out until well after 9 a.m. — enjoying the view while making sure nobody was watching. At one point, he settled into the corner of the building, which allows the best view of the nearby apartment building. The silhouette of a woman could be seen through a window. The creep removed his work gloves and spent the next eight minutes masturbating while leering across the way.


At least he removed his work gloves beforehand. Leaving them on would have been the most batshit detail of this whole ordeal. School officials are currently investigating the matter, and I hope that they don’t cum come down too hard on the jackin’ janitor. Obviously, the guy shouldn’t have been peeping into people’s windows. That’s creepy as fuck. But being a janitor has got to be one of the toughest jobs out there. All day long you have to deal with little asshole kids puking and pissing everywhere. That would take a toll on any man’s psyche. If he needs to take a solo trip to Pleasure Town to blow some steam off, that’s fine with me. The school should set him up with an enclosed rooftop jerk off station and a Brazzers password. That’s proactive problem solving. When he’s done, he’ll come back to work and put on a fucking custodial clinic. You know what they say, a nut busting worker is a productive worker.


via New York Post & Gawker
all janitor pics: New York Post
Jason Segel pic: MenProvement

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