Satan Worshiper Told Police He’s A Vampire; Allegedly Kills People And Drinks Their Blood

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What a gem. This 33 year-old handsome son-of-a-gun in Massachussetts goes by Caius Veiovis, and is on trial for a triple murder. His two accomplices are already serving a life sentence after being convicted. Not only is Veiovis being accused of said crime, but also of dismembering the victims.

As if the 666 tattoo wasn’t enough, he got two “horns” that protrude from his forehead. He sports a great looking nose piece as well.


He used to be named Roy C. Gutfinski Jr., but then changed it to Caius Veiovis for whatever-the-fuck reason. He also has a respectable past, that includes a ten-year jail sentence in 1999 for slashing a 16 year-old girl’s back open in a hotel room (ya know, so he could drink her blood), along with being charged for kidnapping two strippers, and again, locking them in a hotel room, back in 2006 (I’m assuming he got out early of his first sentence).

He also told police he is a vampire. Ladies, I give you your next Robert Pattinson.

via Huffington Post

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