Ryan Raburn Might Have Made The Worst Throw Of All-Time

Humor, Sports and Bets — July 25, 2014 at 1:52 pm by


He spiked that shit into the ground like he was trying to stop the clock during a two-minute drill. Not only was this highly embarrassing for Ryan Raburn, but it also probably cost his team the game. The Indians went on to lose to the Royals, 2-1, in 14-innings. Corey Kluber pitched nine innings and only allowed this unearned run. So yeah, his teammates had to be pretty pissed at him for making such a colossal boner that lead to them playing all damn night and losing by a run. Like pissed to the point of considering giving Raburn a Full Metal Jacket style beatdown with bars of soap wrapped in bath towels. I want to say that Raburn will put this behind him and make the next tough play, but this guy is just a butcher in the outfield. Here’s a bonus clip of some more defensive wizardry from Raburn from a few years ago.

via Deadspin

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