Ryan Lochte Thinks His Dog Has Turned 8-Years-Old Three Years In A Row

Humor, Sports and Bets — October 25, 2016 at 3:55 am by


Look at the dates posted in all three of these separate tweets from Ryan Lochte and tell me what’s wrong with them.



That’s right, three years in a row, Ryan Lochte’s dog has now turned 8.


The haters out there will say “first the gas station robbery, now his dog’s age. Typical Lochte, lying about anything he can.” But not me. I’m more on the “I think Ryan Lochte may be mentally handicapped” boat. It’s just how I feel about the poor guy. His dog turned 8, three years in a row, so what? It’s like what a mom would tell her kid to make the kid not realize that the dog is going to die in a couple months. The mom doesn’t want to break the kid’s heart, so keep telling him it’s 8 years old. Lochte’s mom probably used the same strategy on his dog. Eventually he’ll realize that the arthritis and canine diabetes caught up with him when he’s burying it in the back yard, but for now, let the little guy live in peace thinking his dog’s gonna live another eight years. It’s harmless.



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