Russell Street Disaster

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By Seabass

As we hurtle through space on the giant marble that we know as earth, I highly doubt that the scheduling of a football game will greatly impact humankind in any way.  Or will it?  The Ravens and Orioles botched a great opportunity to achieve something spectacular.  A great day that would have been remembered for years in Baltimore.  In the grand scheme of life is this screw-up really that big a deal?  Probably not, but it pisses me off.  How tough is it to move a baseball game  back four or five hours?  We can land a man on the moon, walk around with powerful computers disguised as phones, and build billion dollar bombers that can escape any form of detection known to man;  but we can’t figure out parking at a god-damn sporting event?   Gimme a break.   It was definitely all about money, and in the long run the small business owners got screwed out of a windfall while the two multi-million dollar sports clubs bicker over a few hundred grand.  It’s gross, and then they want to blame it on parking. Can you imagine how busy the bars and restaurants of Baltimore would have been on September 5, 2013?  Crazy.  Had tickets for both games?  Good for you.  Got tickets to one or the other?  Meet me at s0 -and- so for some beers and wings.  Or beers and crabs.  Or wine and steaks.  Whatever.  Either way a great day for the fans and small business was ruined by two massive corporations unwilling to compromise.

The Orioles will get most of the blame from the local media and fans because they’ve been losers and assholes about it for years.  But I blame both parties here, the Ravens and the NFL could have given in if they had to;  to allow a proud city to host and show off their champion in prime time.   

Imagine how electric downtown would have been, especially with the Orioles in the thick of a pennant chase.  Forget it.  Families, friends, even the downtown pickpockets would have had a day to remember.  God forbid our sports teams throw us this bone.  The sports teams that I already spend thousands of dollars a year supporting.

But it was not meant to be.  The Orioles will play the White Sox as scheduled, and the Ravens will end up on the road, probably in New England or Pittsburgh.  Fuck it, I’m going out that night anyway.

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