Royals Players Wear All Denim And Take Pictures Together Because LOLOLOL

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The Royals players are the worst. Not quite as bad as the Royals’ fans, but still pretty terrible. Every Royals fan out there is going to sit there and talk about how funny the team is, and how close they are, and how loyal to each other they are. But taking pictures of yourselves in funny outfits and butt-fucking each other in all denim only gets you so far in this game, and hopefully the Royals are forgetting that it’s important to actually work on the game, not just try to be besties.

I picked the Royals to repeat and win the World Series this year, but that doesn’t stop me from hating them.





*I hate that I know if this was the Orioles taking these pictures, I’d love it. It burns me deep to the core. Damnit.







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  1. The author is obviously still frustrated by the skilled, technical deconstruction that the Orioles experienced by the capable fielding and clutch hitting of the Royals during the 2014 ALCS – all together now my fellow readers: ‘Let’s go Royals, Let’s go Royals’…

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