Rory Walks Off Course…Becomes Golf Diva

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USA Today…World No. 1 Rory McIlroy walked off the golf course Friday and withdrew from the Honda Classic after hitting his second shot into the water on the par-5 18th hole. He initially said he was not in a good place mentally, then later released a statement saying he was struggling with wisdom tooth pain. McIlroy also tweeted this, after he left the course: “Apologies to all at the Honda. A tough day made impossible by severe tooth pain. Was desperate to defend title but couldn’t play on. Gutted”

Does this define the “new school” athlete, or is it just me?  Nike can’t be happy with this wuss.  Rory walks off the course after just 8 holes?  First he tells everybody he isn’t there mentally, then he sends out some fake-ass tweet saying his tooth hurts.  C’mon dude.  Nike just gave you 100 million bucks.  $100 million athletes don’t quit on the eigth hole.  Even Rory’s commercial with Tiger sucked because we couldn’t understand what the hell his Irish-ass self was saying. Didn’t they invent the damn language over there?   Rory said earlier this year that he was having trouble adjusting to the Nike clubs he has to play with now.  Apparently he played with Titleist clubs his whole life.  Really man?  Give ole Jack Nicklaus 100 million bucks back in the day, and he would’ve kicked everybody’s ass using pool sticks with fly swatters taped to the end if he’d had to.  I mean if your gonna have a break down it better be because you’re a raging drunk like John Daly, not because you don’t like your new clubs. Toughen up for shit’s sake, it’s freakin’ golf.


“Don’t like Nike Rory, try playing with these bullshit clubs.”

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