Ronnie Stanley And His “Unadoptable” Dog Will Be Featured On Animal Planet

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Remember last year before we ever saw Ronnie Stanley suit up in purple and black, we heard the story of him going to a Baltimore pet shelter and adopt the most “unadoptable” dog they had? Well now Stanley and his pup will be recognized on Animal Planet:

CSN“It seems the love has only grown between Ravens’ offensive Ronnie Stanley and his newly adopted dog, Lola.
During the summer, Stanley and Lola stole hearts through a touching story of overcoming the odds. Stanley, the Ravens’ No. 6 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, set out to make an “unadoptable” dog part of his family.
Now, they’re back to steal our hearts once again. The dynamic duo will be featured on Animal Planet’s “Stars to the Rescue” to tell their story.”


This whole story from start to finish is just awesome. Not only was Stanley one of the best rookies to come out of the 2016 draft, as well as one of the better left tackles in the league already, but he seems like the kind of guy you really root for, whether you’re a Ravens fan or not.



Check out this teaser from Animal Planet’s facebook:



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