Roberts Says He’ll Bat Ninth: Screws Everyones Fake Lineups

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So Brain Roberts let the cat out of the bag and said that he’ll be batting 9th Opening Day.  Are you fucking kidding me?  I just wrote a thousand word article on the Oriole lineup and Ol’ B-Rob here gonna tell me he’s batting ninth?!  C’mon man.  So now every loser sports analyst, radio host, and blogger has to come out with a new proposed line-up.  Why couldn’t he just let everyone be surprised and then comment Tuesday night.  I mean I got a real job besides this crap.  Anyway here’s my new proposed Opening Day Lineup.

1. LF Nolan Reimold:  Speed and power at the top of the order.  Bingo.

2.RF Nick Markakis:  Can spray the ball to any field.  Is athletic enough to keep opposing outfielders honest.

3. CF Adam Jones:  Best player on the team completes top of the order outfield trifecta.

4. C Matt Wieters:  If his spring is any indication of what his season will be, he’s more than ready for the clean-up job.

5. 3B Manny Muchado:  Probably wrong about this but why not see how it goes.  He is the future babes.

6. 1B Chris Davis:  Power is good, and Davis has it. He’ll probably bat 5th.

7. SS J.J. Hardy:  Better here than in 2 hole.  If average comes up he’s a beast.

8. DH Nate Mclouth: Speed, spark, fun to watch.  He may lead off some nights.

9. 2B Brian Roberts:  Aging warrior trying to come back strong.  9 hole takes some pressure off.

Reserves:  1B/3B/DH Betemit (will open year on DL) ,  SS/2B Alexi Casillas, C Tyler Teagarden, Utility Ryan Flaherty.

So there you have it.  Connor Jackson or Steve Pearce may be in the mix when they head north.  Sunday night we break down the pitchers.

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