Ritchie Highway’s Favorite Dancing Superstar, Britney Girl Dale, Has Her Own Documentary.

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She had me at, “Where you’re at?”.

If you’ve driven Ritchie Highway where Baltimore spills into Anne Arundel County, or vice versa, you’ve probably seen her shaking her money maker and stopping traffic. Britney Girl Dale, the alter ego of Dale Crites, has become something of a celebrity here in Baltimore and she now has herself a short documentary, courtesy of filmmaker Dan Bell.  The film, now showing on YouTube and embedded below, shows Britney Girl Dale and her pal Anthony doing what they do best within their South Baltimore and Anne Arundel County stomping grounds. Britney Girl Dale’s mission is to entertain the masses- whether they want to be entertained or not. Already semi-famous, Britney has appeared on 98 Rock and has already broken YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, in that order, but this film gives us a glimpse into her daily existence. Filmmaker Dan Bell shows us why Dale transforms himself into Britney, and Bell’s film shows the love, the hate, and the drama that revolves around the daily grind of being Ritchie Highway’s biggest star. The short is absolutely hilarious at times (especially when Anthony chimes in), but it’s not all beeps and hollas out there on the streets.  There are also several sobering and sad moments that paint a complex picture of two of Baltimore’s most unique characters.

Personally, I’m a fan, babes.  Britney Girl Dale and Anthony are the kind of folks that make a place its own.  Nobody will ever remember the everyday snooks and suits they see walking down the street during their morning commute, but everybody will remember Britney Girl Dale, even those folks that only get to catch a speeding glimpse of her well choreographed act.  The short is NSFW due to language and some folks may even be offended by some of the raw discussion topics.  For the record, the only thing that offended me was the goddamn New York Yankees hat that Britney Girl Dale wears in several scenes.  But besides the hideous hat- the accents, the scenery, and the cast of real characters are all pure Baltimore.   So take twenty and enjoy the entertainment spectacle that is, Britney Girl Dale…

cover and film- YouTube/Dan Bell Media


  1. I was hoping when he was rolling in the street a truck was coming to run his ass over. Anthony is like a chacacter off of SNL a big dumb oaf.

  2. Miss Brittney Girl Dame, I give you mad RESPECT for being you

  3. He lived next door to me when we were teenagers. Back then he was Madonna. He would dance around in the yard and always had his boom box with him.

  4. I am all for equal rights and gay rights, etc. However, If a female was dressed like this, she would be arrested for indecent exposure. This is not good for children to see. I am definitely not a hater and I believe that people should have a right to express themselves, but when you’re stopping traffic and causing accidents, you endanger the lives of yourself and everyone around you! Britney girl Dale has a right to express herself, but, I also believe that the companies that signed a petition to keep her away from their shops, has just as much rights as well!

  5. What a loser and a waste of human life. This is a guy not a female

    • His name is Dale and he knows he’s not a female. He is a man who dresses as a women. You need to open your mind and maybe do a little research and read up on things (not from the Bible). A cross-dresser is not the same as a transsexual.

      • Kelly are you her PR person or are you a groupie?

        • she is probably Dale Crites

          • I’m neither Dale’s PR person nor am I Dale himself. I am a woman with a fucking brain who lives in a society that I dream will one day allow acceptance for all people. If you don’t like something – do something to change it. Don’t just complain it away on the internet. I will defend Dale against people like you. I will defend other LGBTQ people until the day I die because I believe that people like you are what is keeping such a strong social divide in this country. I’m just disgusted by your comments. “A waste of human life?” I could say the same thing about you Paul Jean Jenkins. As for Rhonda, I think I’ve said enough below for most people to believe that I think Rhonda is a sack of shit with fingers and a keyboard.

      • He is a man that dresses like a woman who pretends she wants to have sex with everything moving . Kelly Paula is referring to you all calling Dale Crites “she”, everyone else knows he is always a he. Do you?

      • They Dont listen Kelly, look at them, a bunch of FAT UGLY COUCH POTATOS that hate how their lives turned out and haven’t gotten a good screw in a very long time, dont waste your breath on these bigots, they fail to look at things from others views, I have thought about things from both sides of this issue, they are not capable of doing this because they are jelous, redneck, barefoot, banjo picking, bigots, with NO LIVES…

  6. Ok first of all miss Paula Jean jenkins your a poor excuse for a human how are you going to look down on some one you don’t even know. Dale is the kindness person i know he has never said one bad thing about a person and is always happy always nice. I know him I live in the neighborhood he does. As a matter of fact me and my son are in that video and I’m am very proud to say that he is a awesome guy. He does nothing but make people smile. You go dale keep f doing you no matter what people say.

    • Alex Jenkins , Since when is it kind to have sex with other people’s husbands? That’s okay with you. Its ok for Dale Crites to screw your husband and then laugh about it while other people applaud him. I am sure alot of pedophiles watch his video’s you might consider moving your son from their eyes view, accept he attracts them to the community on a daily basis already. Your key whole vision of what is real is super sad.

  7. its amazing people consider this something normal….. he needs to perform in a club or something. he could cause an accident

    • It’s not much different than those really annoying Liberty Tax people flailing their signs around and making a big scene on nearly every corner.

  8. This trash needs to reqlize that children see her everyday. Theres nothing like having to explain this to your 10 yr old. And it wasnt that it was a man dressed as a woman. It was that foul mouthed trampy hooker. Wanna dress like a woman? Thats great awesome AMAZING even. But have some respect for years your community and put some clothes on and stop talking like baltimore scum.

    • Nichole u really need a reality check, there is nothing wrong with what he does to me it sounds like you are jealous, alot of kids love him and respect him, its people like u is why this world is the way it is racism against gays

      • Aww Honey. Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? Rasict against gays really? You can’t be racist against sexuality. Racism is about race,heritage not sexuality. And Nicole was not saying he is wrong for being gay she is saying he is wrong for being trashy.

        • And who are you guys to judge who is “right” and “wrong.” I think it’s wrong to be a biggot, but that doesn’t stop 90% of people from thinking that they know what is best for other people.

          • I believe you are so hung up on being a ” cheerleader” that you insult people who never said anything insulting. You call me a bigot, why because i explained what one person saiD. Also how is nicole a bigot for thinking a person running around half naked is trashy. Not once did she say oh no he is gay that’s so wrong. She said he needs to be more classy and dress like any other self respecting woman. Would you walk around in public in your underwear? I think not. Being a transsexual is fine but if you want to dress like a woman you should act like a woman and not like a stripper.

          • she would be arrested for walking up and down the street everyday like Dale. Vice would arrest her for soliciting and they’d commit her if she behaved like Dale Crites and Channel 2 would cover it and 98 rock would be appalled ..

          • Dale is not a transsexual. Dale is a cross-dresser. A performer. One may even say a drag queen. When Dale is home, he is Dale. I think you should be more classy and do a little bit more studying of social behavior in the world.

          • 90% of what people? in what world.. Kelly M. your argument supports why there were more animals then people on Noah’s Ark!


          • That Rhonda person just isn’t getting any these days, lol too fat and ugly to have Sex anymore so God forbid someone promote Sex! AUGH! NOT SEX FILTHY DISGUSTING SEX!! WTF Someone please throw a dildo at that bigot so she will have something else to do besides replying to every single post online, I was busy helping clean up the city and raising decent smart children, oh and having sex with my Hot Husband! She cant get her fat ugly bigot ass of the couch long enough to wash that nasty ass! Another reason she isn’t getting laid no doubt!

        • Emily Dillon , you are a rockstar

    • U Talking Bout Baltimore Scum Judging Ppl Why Don’t U Eat Ah Long Fat Baltimore Dick U Yuppy Ass Cunt…. It’s Trash Like U That Ain’t Shot U Stupid Uneducated Bitch…..

      • wow Kristol watson.. now everyone knows what happens when your grow up with garbage, listen to your trashy mouth. Uneducated.. your Trashy mouth isn’t educated!

        • Neither is your Bible-thumping homophobic bigoted comments. Just because someone may not be as articulate as you, @kristolwatson:disqus has absolutely every right to call you out on your bullshittery.

    • GOD FORBID A PARENT ACTUALLY HAS TO TALK TO THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. God fucking forbid. If you can’t talk to your own children about something so benign, I fear for their future.

      • it’s not benign to walk around in lingerie promoting sex. it’s not different it’s like every other predator in the world. that is what i tell everyone , he is a predator. He doesn’t care about what values I have or what I choose to see or what he is doing to Brooklyn. not everyone is afraid to talk to their children, some just wish they didn’t have to say this is a pornography, yes he is wearing lingerie, yes he is trying to promote sex, yes he is a man dressed as a woman, yes he is plum crazy, but he isn’t crazy enough to not manipulate the constitution in his favor. He isn’t different. He is Passive Aggressively forcing himself on us all

        • Dude, you have some serious issues. If I were you, I’d be worried about all of the drug dealers on the corners and less about people who you deem as a “predator.” Dale has never hurt a single soul in his life. He is not dancing around promoting sex. He’s dancing around promoting Britney Spears. If you have a problem with Britney Spears, then move along because you’re out of touch with modern times and reality. Also if you think this is pornography, I also recommend you do a little internet search for “porn.” You’ll have endless results that might tickle your fancy if you didn’t have such a tightly wound asshole.

      • I have been saying the same thing to these dumb ass bigots but they don’t listen, most of these dumb ass 1 sided ridiculous idiots are in denial, they tell their children everything is made of rainbows and cotton candy and then those idiots hit the street running with absolutely no perception of what diversity the world around them is really made up of! It’s sad and it’s whats wrong with tons of teenagers today and their dumb ass parents either ignoring them or playcating them into thinking life is like the sound of music! While that would be nice it’s just Not The Fuckin Truth!

  9. Idc what anyone thinks ppl take there lil kids to britney concerts n let them watch music videos with sexy girls wearing close to nothingkids see far wors and he’s always polite and very kind yes his outfits r a little scandalous but he’s playing apart just like britney did n I looooooovvvvvveeeee it go bgd I love u

    • You make a good point. That is the right of those parents. If they don’t care what their kids see. I care what my kids see, and I care what I see. The difference between Brittany Spears and Dale Crites is she doesn’t walk down my street half naked. I don’t have to see her video or concert if I don’t want too. Not this guy, he puts my community in chains with his insanity and I am just as important a citizen as this guy. What I choose to see matters too. This person is hurting and he really missed his calling in marketing and promotions and a politician, or did he. He is promoting perversion, marketing sex right in front of our children and claims to attack the vows of many unsuspecting women’s marriages everyday. Takes pride in it. If he were a woman, you’d all be beating his agenda up and down the street no, doubt.. . That’s ok with you. If he screws your husband or is having sex with a police officer in an alley as he claims that was meant to protect you or your children. That’s okay with you? He should dress in appropriate dress , if he wants to dress like a woman, have some class, what keeps him from going to work? He is pretty slick to collect money from disability and then walk miles and miles and miles every day up and down the street … doing whatever he wants. Get dressed and go to work. Take his body to the strip club and stay there and come out dressed like the other ladies of the night. If not he should be arrested for prostitution or disturbing the peace as well as child pornography and this mother who drove from cecil county, if she isn’t married, may her children’s father be a better parent and handle that. My goodness. Her little girl was horrified.. she’s an idiot!

      • You wine like he fucked your husband or something…. Get a grip!

      • If your husband cheats on you with another man maybe y’all should quit being so uppity and boring. Seriously he’s not hurting anyone. Plenty of women wlk around dressed like this or worse and yes your kids are exposed to it on the internet,TV, billboards and any other media out there already. You just sound like a bitter old lady who is also a homophobic moron. You simply don’t like him because you dont understand him. Yeah he hasissues everyone does. He simply doesn’t like Dale so he created a new name and persona for himself so he can be happy. It sounds like you have a an issue with police officers fucking guys. They still can protect and serve if they are gay or cheating on their wives. You have literally went and commented on everyones coent hating on this chick and it’s sad

  10. He has been around man, like for decades. He was more popular than Madonna. He is also a Poison fan. Glen burnie and proud yo.

    People like him make the world go around….

  12. He has some degree of mental issues and if you can’t tell then your a moron. Hes not out there !!JUST!! dancing. There is a reason children should not and are not aloud in a strip club. Children do not need to be exposed to this type of behavior and by that I mean he talks and acts like trash I’m sure that’s because of his obvious psychological issues. Its my right as a parent to protect my children just like he has the right to do what he wants and I will everytime I see this side show bs tell them some people are crazy and laugh. Just because I can he really is a very very ugly woman and now he has that other dude out there with him who seems to be way way worse psychologically its sad

    • AGREED!!! ^^^ Should not be doing this way out in the open! Children should not be exposed to this crap!! Keep that disgusting business to you’re self! So glad i don’t live around there and so glad i don’t have little ones. Disgusting trash

    • I’d rather have my children exposed to a loving caring human being than your disgusting attitude.

    • Also have you seen flyers and things out there ? Victoria secret ? Commercials ? Trust me it’s best to explain to children why she’s dancing. Besides she dances good and shows my children confidence should be admired. Everything is covered anyway.

    • Guest, it is your right and because of thoughtless wanting to be accepted rebellious don’t tell me what to do generations like Mayra Natalie Madrigal who is only free because of the foundation that was built on the very freedoms Dale Crites “not she” but Dale Crites is offending every moment is super sad. He is off psychologically for sure, like TED BUNDY . Crazy like a fox predator. ITs sad, I pray for Brooklyn and Protection from him every day and every night.

  13. Your a good guy i see him come down 4th and patapsco ave

  14. Do You People really think that (trying) to shelter your children from 1 person dressed up dancing in the street is going to save them from some kind of trauma or influence? Yeah right your just raising future bigots! Your blind to the real problems in this community.. Your probably the same people giving your money to the person holding a sign saying they are homeless and hungry right? Newsflash idiots they are buying Crack with your money and then coming to your house in the burbs and robbing you lol.. Wake up idiots! You people really think Brittany Girl Dale is the person in public You want to fight against public exspression?? Really?? Idiots! But I bet Your the same idiots buying your kids every violent video game as soon as it’s released! Go ahead and shelter your kids from all the real life around them so they can grow up to either get pregnant at 16 or to rob you in your sleep and go become heroin and crack addicts and end up living on the very streets You “tried” to shelter them from with your stupidity and bigotry

    • I don’t want my kids or grandkids to see this, but i don’t want to see it either. Shelter.. what child who grows up in the projects or even all of brooklyn these days really gets sheltered. Grow Up! No one is blind to the drug dealers, and lack of motivation and gangs or the drug addicts, but on top of all that we have to what REjoice int he fact that Dale Crites gets to abuse freedom of expression when he really is walking pornography. Not every parent buys violent games their kids, not every kid that grows up and uses crack or gets pregnant at 16 does it because they are sheltered. I know a lot of people who were very successful and became very loving people who never got to see Dale Crites dance up and down the streets of Brooklyn Park to Glen Burnie. Your entire generation is poisoned to think that being told no is bad, being protected is bad. Your spoiled and rotten. that’s what you are. Grow up. Be somebody and stop pretending that wrong is right.

      • Your exactly what’s wrong with the world today, someone that thinks they have all the answers, until youve walked the streets Some of us have or the generation your speaking about you should shove that bigoted attitude right up your fat ass! I’m a grown woman in my 40’s with a successful 20 yr. Old son in medical school at Maryland University! I raised my son to understand that this world is full of all kinds of people even dumb ass bigots like you! And You called him walking pornography but yet your just another one of those armchair jockeys sitting on your fat ass picking on people online with the balls to go out into Baltimore and fight for the rights of the officers not beating people.Thats what Dale did! What did your fat ass do? Sit home and criticized no doubt while my family that resides in Anne Arundel County went into the city to help those people clean up that city. Go join a gym or jenny craig and lose some of that fat ugly bigot ass anf You grow up and take a good look around Your the problem Not the solution.. I hope Karma visits you in a really obvious way, and soon. You deserve the worst! You deserve those thugs burning down your shit you dumb Bigot Bitch!

        • Hey Kelly H. You sound so classy and wonderful and I am so glad your son is doing well, I can not say he takes after his mother. Do I sound fat or something to your insane self. I am not a bigot because I don’t want a pervert parading around my streets. You worry about Karma. that’s your deal. Mouth.. I work almost 80 hours a week and not on an arm chair. you don’t know me. Kelly H.. oh. P.S. You’re and idiot!

          • The true perverts are the ones who do the nasty thinking. The perverted thoughts are in your own head Grandma. Think about that for a second before you start throwing your perverted thoughts around.

        • Hey Kelly H. You sound so classy and wonderful and I am so glad your son is doing well, I can not say he takes after his mother. Do I sound fat or something to your insane self. I am not a bigot because I don’t want a pervert parading around my streets. You worry about Karma. that’s your deal. Mouth.. I work almost 80 hours a week and not on an arm chair. you don’t know me. Kelly H.. oh. P.S. You’re and idiot!

      • Just because it’s something you don’t like doesn’t mean it’s the right answer. You sound older since you have grand kids. Fortunately, our government doesn’t allow someone like you make any sort of rules or laws. There are plenty of idiots like you in the government already. Thank god you’re just a disgruntled grandmother who feels the need to judge everyone.

  15. I have seen her on a few occasions and never once have i seen her do anything awful. She dances…so what. I think those of you that have nothing nice to say should take a closer look to shows and movies on the tv that your child is watching and then look at what she does. She does not stand in the middle of the street cursing people out, does not give people the finger, does not remove what clothes she has on. Have you not noticed how less and less the actors and actresses on tv are not having their curse words bleeped out. Saying “ass”, ” God damn”, “son of a bitch”, etc. 10 yrs ago it was not allowed and they were always bleeped out but not any more. I think the kids are being subject to much worse than she is doing. There are more and more kid and family movies out there that are throwing in “adult humor” that these kids are hearing and when they do not get the joke they ask their parents and i have no doubt that most try and explain what it means. And i am sure others will say that “you are too young to understand” & leave it at that. How about going up through parts of the city where prostitutes are out on the corner wearing a lot less than she is? All the drug deals that are being done right in front of you? This person is doing no harm to anyone. The only thing she is guilty of is getting out there, shakin some booty and smiling. She has guts to get out there and be who she is no matter what every one else thinks.

    • TLG, covering one problem with another like look at what your kids are watching on t.v. if you have nothing nice to say is a good suggestion and YES parent controls are available and hopefully more parents this day and age or more aware and proactive, However, Dale Crites dancing in the middle of the road and walking around in lingerie for young children and people who are unsuspecting of what perversion he will prevent today is inexcusable. The prostitutes in this city are usually dressed and mostly are hurting for the same reasons Dale is hurting, because someone hurt them, they are sleeping with peoples fathers and husbands for money and they are shunned . he professes to cause accidents and to violate wives’ marriages without their knowledge. He is depraved . He isn’t brave, he doens’t have to be brave , he gets to act out on everyone and people like you want to pretend its all good. well its not.

  16. Look I have known Britney girl dale. She is a beautiful person who hurts no one.
    Ppl complain about BGD and say she’s horrible to do her dancing and parading up and down Ritchie hwy. But why ??? You say your children are in danger…of what ??? Ohhh “she causes car accidents” when and who cares lol. But the real Dale crites has been in hell with past and present abuse and heartache. He could have turned into a junkie , killer , preditor but instead he turns into BGD.
    If you have an issue with her and don’t want your kids around then that’s your stupidity. They will grow into bigots or even better…the next Britney girl dale… That would be funny ! But instead expose your children to life…real life and explain to them why and who Britney Dale is and they may grow to become well rounded , healthy adults. I let my kids hang around Britney when we talk ( I live right on Ritchie hwy) I feel comfortable with bgd and love bgd / dale crites.

  17. If ppl sit down and do they’re reaserch on BGD they would see a very beautiful person with a kind heart and is only happy when being BGD. Now when I see Dale Crites as himself he’s sad , not nearly as out going and you can see his pain. So I love to see “her” Britney Girl Cuz that’s when she shines and I’d rather see happiness instead of sadness.
    Halloween of 2014 myself and my 3 boys were trick or treating and we run into BGD . Needless to say we really didn’t get much candy Cuz my kids had wayyyyy more fun just hanging with this beautiful person. My kids will not turn gay just from talking or seeing him . If anything they will have a better understanding of diverse ppl and they will and have seen a lot worse.

    • If you really care about him, you would encourage him to show real love to others and not force himself on everyone. Years ago when he dressed in black leather pants as himself and wore his back stage passes as a dancer for madonna and carried his radio around. I always spoke to him politely. Clearly he was hurting and I felt sad. Bought is dinner once, didn’t see his appearance as offensive to my little kids at all, No one is afraid of him being gay.. Seriously people, There are people who are gay who wouldn’t let their children within a foot of this man now. No one wants him to keep hurting, I would like for him to stop hurting us with his pain. This man is different , he is the same now as his abuser. He is taking advantage of people who can’t stop him on their own, he doesn’t care about you, if you didn’t agree with him he wouldn’t show you love. Since you know him so well could you tell him for me that I live Brooklyn and I was raped before. I like to walk too , I love parts of Brooklyn, but I can’t even push my grandbabies around in a stroller because men who are looking for sex think hey she’s a prostitute. Even in a business suit I have endured this. Because of prostitution and because of him , these men prowl around in the open unafraid to persue , I want you to ask him is it okay that I am afraid to walk around now. That I don’t get to walk to the park or see the beauties of my community. I am afraid of who he is attracting here. Let alone the ones who are registered here. No one is afraid of kids wanting to be gay or wear dress up. kids played dress up long before it was made a big deal of. We don’t want to see anyone dancing like he does. We don’t want him promoting sex on our streets. I’d respect him more if he got dressed i don’t care if its in a pink suit or blue suit , just dressed like he’s not trying to seduce the very concrete he is walking on and hugged the women who are out their, who were victims once just like him and become an over comer. I don’t think he is so diverse, rather perverse. and if he chooses to be gay, he shouldnt’ then be disrespectful to sanctity of another mans family, who doesn’t deserve the betrayal of their husband or Dale.

  18. I won’t share this video to comment on it, because I won’t poison the eyes of my friends with something they didn’t choose to see on their own. This guy is very sad. Its terrible what happened to him but he is a mockery to people this has happened too. To be hurt by the perversion of rape and incest then to promote this attraction of predators to our community is a Great sadness. He may sound ignorant but he is not. However, hearing him talk about Subway he is quite to politician. I have been to that subway and many employess of many races are there. He is quite slick, but he is a liar. Dumb like a fox.. Slick and street smart. He claims to enjoy having sex with married men betraying other people. Meaning, My father hurt me so I will hurt everyone else. Is this a way of getting back at his mother for not protecting him , who knows. Being a victim of violence, I am outraged and as a parent and grandparent I am disgusted that this man is allowed to behave like this on the street. He belongs in a club where people who choose to see him can see him. Forcing himself on my eyes because one must have your eyes open to see where you are going is raping my humanity. I am not offended that he is gay, or that he dresses like a woman, but he dresses like he is about to have sex and attract sex and he also sleeps with married men and I think he is falsely accusing our officers and fire man and I don’t see the innocence in him at all. He is malicious to intentionally try and stop traffic that may even cause death if someone were to be distracted. I see alot of messed up people who are just dying to be accepted or loved reach out to this man in hopes their goodness will come back around to them. Broken people love other broken people , until they don’t. I wonder if his victims “the wives and girlfriends and families” of these so called married sexual partners he engages in his rage with have voice. Children should have wonderful memories of thier childhoods, things that will give them strength and courage and pride to live a abundant life through the storms of life.. Brooklyn is much more than this walking dysfunction. How he preys on his friend Anthony who is clearly challenged, it turns my stomach. You see him being a friend, I see him trying to make himself look good, Anthony is his fat friend. Pretty sad.. Aren’t their any laws to protect people who are mentally challenged like Anthony from predators like Dale Crites. He doesn’t seem that much different from his father to me. I have known them both. The Dale didn’t fall far from the tree.

  19. like the running man n a few other charecters bgd is awesome n pure bmore u go girl when i worked for caplan glass wed holla at her all the time lol

  20. I’ve meet her while at work . Let me say this we all have our issues that the next person has no right to frown upon , all of which can be too much to bare . She had found her place of peace let her stay there . Let her be . She’s beautiful , engertic , kind and most importartly she’s free . She’s Britney bitch , y’all heard her . Love you darling .
    PS . I know you read these comments , I admire your perservance dispite spectators .

  21. this is sick hes exposing himself in front of little kids that is what pedophiles do those who support him support a pedophile the only reason he gets away with it is because hes sleeping with local cops because of his activities hes banned from local churches stores and shopping centers he tells people its because he gay no its because he exposes himself to kids someone said hes more popular than Madonna really? does the tooth fairy talk to you?

  22. Absolutely love him, I would get arrested if I was dancing around like him. He’s special and he puts a smile on alot of people. Keep doing your thing Brittany Girl Dale…. Your a Star..

  23. Ugh.

  24. Just another mentally demented attention seeker, totally fckd in the head.

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