RIP Dennis Farina: We Walk Down Movie Memory Lane With The Loveable Ol’ Gangster

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Today we lost a legend in Dennis Farina. At the young age of 69, Farina succumbed to a blood clot in his lung. The Chicago born actor started out as a police officer, and decided in his late thirties to try his hand at acting.

Farina was probably most famous for his roles playing a light-hearted bad guy, but he was just one of those character actors that stole scene after scene in anything he was in. By far my favorite Farina role was Ray Barboni in Get Shorty. Farina was the wannabe tough guy that kept getting the shit kicked out of him. Love the line when he breaks into Gene Hackman’s office and boasts, “Fuck You, Fuckball!” He won an American Comedy Award for that performance.

He was most recently Dustin Hoffman’s right hand man in the canceled too soon HBO series Luck. Farina also spent a few seasons on Law and Order. Some other great Farina movies were Midnight Run, Snatch, Out of Sight, Manhunter, Little Big League, and Striking Distance.  He even had a bit part in Saving Private Ryan. I think the career change was a smart move for Dennis.  Check out some of his great work below.

In Snatch:


In Get Shorty:



.and doing what he did best.  Dropping the F-Bomb.




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