Riley Cooper, Cary Williams Get Into It During Practice

Sports and Bets — September 5, 2013 at 3:59 pm by

During the Philadelphia Eagles practice today, Cooper and Carey ended up throwing punches. Even better, Michael Vick was the one to jump in and break it up.

Riley Cooper says it wasn’t a big deal. Michael Vick said he hates to see it happen. Cary Williams didn’t say much of anything.after a video was made public of Cooper yelling a racial slur at a security guard at a concert. At first, Williams said that while he didn’t know Cooper very well, he though the receiver “just made a mistake,” and later, Williams questioned the slur’s frequent use in rap music.Cooper said the exchange between the two had nothing to do with his role in the video. “No, ya’ll saw it,” he said. “Just competitive, going to the ball. Got tangled up, both super competitive. He’s a great player.” [csn]

I believe it was just two competitive guys getting fired up during practice, but here is Cooper enjoying some Chesney…


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