Rex Ryan Runs With The Bulls

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"Hey amigos, do we get to eat these fuckers when we're done.?  Hablo Ingles?"

“Hey amigos, do we get to eat these fuckers when we’re done.? Hablo Ingles?”

Cross this off the ol’ bucket list. We all know that Rex Ryan can run with some bullshit while in a press conference, but now we know that our beloved ex-D-Coordinator can run with the bulls in Spain for real.  I gotta admit, even suiting up for this is pretty ballsy, but it looks like Rex did a lot more climbing than running.  If you’re gonna do it, you should have to do it right.  This climb over the fence while the bulls run by seems pretty fucking lame.  Especially because if this video didn’t exist I’ll bet bullshittin’  Rex would come back saying he was sprinting from these crazy ass bulls down the cobbled streets of Pamplona.  But I guess it also shows how horrible the Jets’ QB situation is.  Rex Ryan probably feels risking life and limb at the end of a bull’s horns is easier than watching Mark Sanchez and Gino Smith throw seven-on-seven drills. Ugh.


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