Restaurant Employees Think They Won The Powerball; Turns Out Some Moron Read The Wrong Numbers

News — January 13, 2016 at 12:56 pm by– For 20 minutes they were filthy rich, or so they believed. The staff of a North Jersey Italian eatery apparently thought they had become a bunch of millionaires Saturday after matching all six Powerball numbers for the almost $1 billion jackpot…But the screams of celebrations quickly went silent in Englewood Cliffs after realizing bartender Charlie Poveromo had read the winning numbers from the previous drawing.



I don’t buy this is a real story for a second. There’s no where near enough ‘holy shits’ being dropped, and no where near enough people freaking out. I mean if you win the Powerball you freak the fuck out. Not just act like your kid won mvp of his high school soccer team, like these chumps were doing. Plus, the restaurant has now started their own YouTube page, and seem to be eating up this publicity. Can’t fool this savvy blogger.



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