Rescue Dog Refuses To Let Poor Kid Enjoy His Swim

Humor — September 17, 2014 at 6:03 pm by

Love this dog’s talent, but hate his decision-making. He’s basically a much more likable canine version of Tony Romo. Little dude even had a life jacket on, but that pup was taking no chances. I thought he was gonna drag his ass all the way over the rocks for a second, and I think that kid thought the same.

rescue dog

That’s pure fear in those eyes, babes. That’s the same look that I made yesterday when I saw Ubaldo Jimenez getting ready to toe the bump. Luckily for O’s fans, Jimenez was able to get the job done, and the Birds clinched the AL East. Luckily for this kid, he was unnecessarily rescued by an overeager dog and not this redneck creep…


via Huffington Post

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