Reports Now Say Orioles Have Made Multi-Year Offer To Mark Trumbo

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According to MASN’s Roch Kubatko, the Orioles have made a four year offer to try and resign free agent Mark Tumbo. As Kubatko points out it was believed that Trumbo’s camp was looking for a deal in the $80 million range, with room to negotiate.

This is honestly shocking. I mean there’s no word on how much money the Orioles have offered, so there’s a chance they’ve just put a low ball offer out there hoping Trumbo’s market will shrink and he’ll take it, but there’s also a chance that this offer is a genuine attempt to resign 2016┬áthe major league home run leader. I tend to think it’s more of an offer showing Trumbo that yes, we want you back, but we won’t pay top dollar for you, but if you can’t get another offer you like better, the door’s open for you to come back. And I’m alright with this approach. Everyone In Baltimore would LOVE to have Mark Trumbo back for another four years, but only if it doesn’t cost the O’s a chance to resign their core guys.

So having an offer out to Trumbo makes sense, and is honestly more proactive than I thought they’d be with him. But let’s not cripple the franchise for a guy who can’t play a dollar’s worth of defense, and isn’t a guy you can build the franchise around. And I think this might just be how the O’s are playing it.

And as a bonus, the Blue Jays signed Steve Pearce, which means the O’s front office won’t resign him and try to convince us we had a successful offseason.



Yep, looks like it’s just what I assumed. But Trumbo wouldn’t have turned down the qualifying offer to accept a deal to play for $13 mill a year.

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