Relax, The Orioles Have It All Under Control

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3-5 isn’t the fiery start to the season I dreamt about the night before opening day. Its doesn’t matter where you start the season though, it’s about where you finish. For those of you who were about to jump ship after the first 7 games, the Birds showed you the offensive juggernaut they are supposed to be this season Tuesday afternoon in New York.

Seabass broke down Tuesdays 14-5 beat down of the Yankees already. If there is one team you’d love to smack around like that, you better believe it’s the Yankees. It is only one game though, so lets enjoy it for a moment and come back ready to do it again Wednesday. Which brings me to my main point about the Orioles early season struggles. RELAX people!!  It’s April baseball. There are endless amounts of games yet to be played. Keep in mind were missing our star 3rd baseman and shortstop. Jonathan Schoop is just getting his first crack at the majors and should be expected to have somewhat of a learning curve. Meanwhile, Kevin Gausman is itching to get back to helping the big league club. Johan Santana and Dylan Bundy are rehabbing nicely and would both also like to make contributions to a winning ball club. Rumor is Johan is looking good, really good. Let’s keep things in perspective. Internally the Orioles seem to be a team that will continue to improve as the season goes on, and hopefully will be driving on all cylinders down the finish line of the pennant race.

Not every four game losing streak means were done, and not every 14-5 win means were going to win the Word Series. Just keep on Boh-lievin and rooting on dem O’s on, Hon.

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