Refs Screw Terps In Final ACC Game At Duke. Plus Faust Throwdown and Terp Fans At Cameron

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Surely, we’re used to it by now.  Surely, as Terps fans, we’re used to watching the Duke Blue Devils, and their evil genius coach, get every foul call while whining and complaining about the few that they don’t.  Surely, as we leave our somehow beloved ACC, we wouldn’t want to come across as whiners ourselves as our boys in red and white outplayed the 8th ranked Pukies on their own court, only to come up a bad roll short of victory because of an insurmountable, and incredulous, home court Duke bias. (OK, I’ll stop saying surely now.)


But screw surely, I’ll complain all I want.  At the 6:39 mark of the second half, the refs botched a big one.


In the above pic, from, the refs call a jump ball.  The first issue is that the Terps clearly called time out with possession before Rasheed Sulaimon decides to fall onto Terp Seth Allen.  Notice that the possession arrow points to Maryland.

But the refs don’t award Maryland a time out, and they seemingly ignore the possession arrow and give the ball right back to Duke, who then scores a goal, and ties the game at 56.  That 2 point field goal would prove to be the difference as Maryland lost 69-67.  The ACC has admitted that a mistake was made and that an extra possession was awarded to Duke in what ended up as a one possession game. That’s really fucked up, isn’t it?

But nationally, nary a word has been spoken about this botched call and extra possession.  Why? Because it’s Duke, that’s why, and because it happened at the 6:39 mark and not the 0:59 mark.  If the extra Duke possession had been awarded, let’s say, at the 0:59 second mark, it may matter more in the eyes of the national press.  But in reality, it makes no difference when it occurred, especially in a game that was so close.  It’s egregious and ridiculous at any point.  Since it was a one possession game, every possession mattered, including the one with 6:39 remaining.  Maryland played great defense all night on Saturday, and to reward that with such an obvious officiating mistake is insulting to the Terps in the least, and criminal at worst, especially to those who gamble on these sorts of outcomes.  (Maryland money line bettors can’t be happy.)

But it doesn’t fucking matter, because Duke was supposed to win and they did.  Somewhere Dicky V is smiling.

I won’t even go into the obvious and general foul bias that Duke always gets at home. (Saturday Duke attempted 34 foul shots, hitting 28.  Maryland attempted 19, hitting 12.  Yes that’s right, Duke scored 40.6% of their points at the foul line.)

Meanwhile, I’m proud of our guys.  Despite the bias and despite Duke being ranked 8th in the country,  the Terps outplayed the Blue Devils.  Big Chuck Mitchell just didn’t get the roll.  (I still can’t figure out how, or why, that shot refused to go in.) Coach Turgeon has been coaching ’em up and the Terps have played good basketball this month.  This Duke game was just a frustrating example of how one team can outplay another, but still come up short due to home-court officiating bias.  It happens a lot in sports, and it happens in favor of every home team at some point.  It just seems to happen more for Duke basketball than most.

On the positive side of things, Nick Faust regulated on this sick dizzunk.

Some other positives:

Jake Layman played great, leading the Terps with 18.

Dez Wells took the game over during the second half, scoring all 17 of his points in that frame.

Big Chuck Mitchell played his best game of the year with 12 points and 8 boards.  He just didn’t get that roll on the last shot.

The worst part about all of this is that I will miss playing Duke and the Evil Coach K.  Hopefully we get another shot at ’em the ACC tourney.

CCW Is Everywhere, Babes

Friends of Charm City Wire, Jay Beezy and Da Terpzilla, staged a two-man Maryland invasion of Cameron Indoor on Saturday.  Jay Beezy reported that Cameron Indoor is, “a dump.”  He also reported that there is “probably a small population of homeless people living in Krzyzewskiville, or K-Ville.”  Terps and CCW represent:

duke 3

duke 2

duke 1

and of course the Duke Bookstore is sooo Gothic:

duke goth


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