Reed Gone…But It’s A Good Thing…We Tell you Why

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Boys To Men Once Sang “It’s So hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday….ooooh ooooh ooooh”.   Those well dressed Brothas outta Philly weren’t lying, especially when “yesterday” was just a few months ago.  But a few months is an eternity in the NFL, and Ravens fans have to face the facts.  All these players that got let go, had to be let go.  It was just fortunate that the Ravens won the Super Bowl, because this was going to happen either way.  No championship team has ever lost more starters.  Ever.  But the cold-blooded Ravens don’t give a shit, because they know that in this game, change is good.  So we’ll tell you why it’s okay that all these dudes are gone, player by player.

Ed Reed

He is the greatest safety ever.  Period.  He should have played his entire career here. Definitely.  But it doesn’t always work out that way folks, so quit crying like a little wuss.  The Ravens weren’t going to give a 34-year-old player with a history of neck and shoulder problems a guaranteed four million bucks.  With Ngata, Flacco, Suggs, and Rice eating up money the Ravens couldn’t afford to match the money given to the ol’ goat by the Houston Texans.  It’s okay cause he’s old and not what he once was.  Time to get younger and cheaper.

Paul Krueger

$40 million for a guy that wasn’t even a full-time player?   This is why the Browns suck, and  always will suck.  Krueger is a nice pass-rusher, don’t get me wrong, but  you can find 6-10 sacks somewhere else for much cheaper.  His leaving may also mean that Elvis Dumervil plays in Baltimore for the next four years.  Who would you rather have?

Dannell Ellerbe

I loved Ellerbee.  He was our “Unsung Raven of the Year” award winner.  But for $35 million, you can have him.  He was the only speed among the Ravens’ middle linebackers, which isn’t saying much because in coverage, Ellerbe is just a little above average.  He can never stay healthy either, and he wasn’t even a starter until everybody got hurt.  He did play extremely well in the playoffs and Super Bowl, but at $35 mil, I’ll take my chances elsewhere.  Look for a rookie (Kevin Minter LSU), or a cheaper veteran (Karlos Dansby) to be starting at the two MLB positions next year.

Cary Williams

Williams is a great story.  He was a relative unknown out of a small school who worked his ass off and became a starter.  A good one at that.  But the Ravens are deep at corner, and they just gave Lardarius Webb a bunch of cash.  No way they pay Cary.  Don’t feel bad for him though, the Eagles set him off something lovely. ($17  million) With Webb, Corey Graham, and Jimmy Smith all returning, the Ravens really didn’t need him.

Bernard Pollard

At first i didn’t get this one.  Pollard is a thumper and  a great run stopper.  But fact is he’s a little slow, and to top it off the Ravens don’t like his attitude.  He was apparently quite outspoken. and the Ravens brass didn’t feel he’d earned that right.  The Ravens are desperate to get faster in the middle of the field, so adios, slow poke!

Anquan Boldin

Okay this one I’m a little bitter about.  I still think the Ravens could have extended the guy and made it work.  Especially since Boldin and Flacco really hit their stride with Jim Caldwell calling the plays.  But I understand the reasoning. Boldin is going to be 33 next season, and the Ravens feel that’s too old for $6 million.  Plus they really like Torrey Smith, and probably feel like he and Pitta can fill his role.  Don’t be surprised to see a veteran brought in to bolster this young receiving corps.  (Brandon Lloyd maybe)

Don’t forget that the Ravens have 12 picks in next months’ draft.  I actually expect the Ravens to move up to get an impact player on defense.  The Ravens will be faster and younger at linebacker and safety, and if they sign Dumervil, the defense may actually be better than it was this past year. (Remember, it wasn’t really that great )  To try to re-sign everyone again and try to repeat is just suicide.  It only prolongs the inevitable.  Cutting and rebuilding around a designated corps of players is how teams remain successful.   These players are not the corps here anymore.  If they once were, their time is now over.  The Ravens are doing the right thing.  So say thanks and wave bye-bye to all these part timers and old goats.  The Super Bowl win was a long time ago. 



  1. Agree totally with everything you said. We need a receiver though. Doesn’t make sense to give Joe all this money then take away one of his go to guys.

  2. polamalu is better than reed – always has been

    • Reed is 10th all time in interceptions at 61. Troy has 30. Reed has more tackles too. Also Reed is +40 in the passes defended.

      Looking at the stats it is not much to argue about. Rings, sacks and hair is the only thing he leads Reed in.

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