Redskins’ Punk-Ass Long Snapper Calls Ray Rice Out On Twitter. Like A Real Man.

Sports and Bets — August 26, 2014 at 12:09 pm by

Redskins’ Long Snapper Nick Sundberg sounds like a real piece of shit. Of course, I know nothing about him, because, let’s be honest, a long snapper is not really an NFL player. His teammate Brandon Meriweather racked up his 6th violation for head hunting in Saturday night’s game against the Ravens, when he tried to take Torrey Smith’s head off. This was an action he received a two-game suspension for. This suspension is for the same number of games that Ray Rice will be unable to play for due to his alleged elevator incident. So, like a true low-life, Nick Sundberg went to the same outlet that all 15 year-old girls use to get something off their chest. sun

He proceeded to then call out Ray Lewis when saying in a later tweet:

“Dang, a lot of sensitive Raven fans out there. In Ray Rice’s defense it’s not like he killed somebody…”

What a dumb fuck.

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