Really, Crush? Questions, Stupidity, and Moving On….

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So Chris Davis fucked up big time and got popped for popping Adderall.  His 25 game suspension couldn’t have come at a worse time, as the Birds are making a strong bid for October baseball.

Adderall is an amphetamine and amphetamines have been a part of baseball for decades. (Hank Aaron and Willie Mays have both admitted to taking them.)  Maybe that’s why MLB only suspends a player after their second offense.  And Davis evidently had a medical exemption to take the drug last season but was not granted one this year. Adderall is commonly used to treat ADHD disorder. (Which Davis has been diagnosed with.)


All of this begs several questions.

Why wasn’t Davis granted the medical exemption this season?

Did he even apply for one? (He did not.)

When did Davis first test positive for amphetamines? (It could have been anytime during his career.)

Is Chris Davis just stupid?

Or is he hooked on the Adderall like Pookie on the rock?


Adderall can be addictive, and  if Crush does have a problem, this story takes a turn into something way bigger than just baseball.

But on the surface, this positive test and suspension just make Davis look dumb.  The timing of his suspension couldn’t be worse and well, knowing that a second offense would bring about a suspension and still taking the drug is really fucking dumb.  Like Nick Markakis said when asked about Davis, “Now is not a good time to make a mistake…”

And of course this suspension will bring out all the internet and media jerk-offs who will point to Davis’ 2013 numbers and start screaming about PED’s.

Adderall won’t make you hit a ball farther, but that won’t matter to a lot of people, especially since Davis himself has been so vocal about his disdain for PED use.

Davis, to his credit, quickly owned up to his mistake and issued an apology.  But even though he owned it, the same apology is the same apology that all athletes issue when they get popped for this sort of thing, so it rings hollow.

Regardless, the suspension is justified and the Orioles must move on.  They will sorely miss Davis’ clutch power and RBI ability.  They may not miss his 173  strikeouts and .196 batting average.  (Though his OBP was .300) Other guys, like Steve Pearce, Alejandro De Aza, Ryan Flaherty, and Jimmy Paredes will have to step up their game to help carry the load.  So far, they all have done just that.

But this still sucks for sure.  Davis should have fucking better, known better.  The Orioles don’t need this aggravation and neither do Orioles’ fans, especially in the wake of the Ray Rice scandal.

However, if the Orioles just keep grindin’ and keep winning, this suspension will just look like a bump in the long road of a successful 2014 season.

Still Chris, it’s too bad you couldn’t just….

chode calm keep

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