Re-Sign Andrew Miller and The Eduardo Rodriguez Makes Sense. Since Miller’s A Yankee, The Trade Looks Disastrous

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I know, it’s only three games into Eduardo Rodriguez’s career.  I know, as teams start to see him multiple times, that outs will get tougher for the young Boston lefty.  But damn, the former number three prospect in the Orioles’ farm system sure looked good pitching against his former team tonight at Camden Yards.  Rodriguez went six full innings and allowed no runs on just three hits.  He walked three and struck out seven.   His ERA, after three starts, is a paltry 0.44.


And the only reason that he’s a Red Sox is because the Orioles traded him there for the services of one, Andrew Miller.  Miller was a great addition to the Oriole bullpen last season.  He was a big reason that the Birds wen to the ALCS.  He’s a shut down hurler who can get both righties and lefties out; and he’s a strikeout monster, so coming into tough situations with men on base is not an issue for him.  The guy throws gas and filth, and he’s one of the best relievers in the business.  As Miller mowed down batters in September, the deal looked great for Baltimore

Dan Duquette has said that he didn’t necessarily want to trade Rodriguez for Miller, but everybody completely understood the deal at the time .  The Birds wanted to win the pennant, or the World Series, or both, and they were all-in to do so.  If the Birds had won the Series, or even the pennant, the cost of Rodriguez would have been worth it.

But they didn’t. And because they didn’t, the mindset of the organization should have been to remain all-in to win the pennant.  They should have re-signed Cruz (I was fine with Markakis leaving) and they should have re-signed Andrew Miller.

Miller this year has 17 saves and his ERA is 1.04.  Incredibly, he’s struck out 43 batters in just 26 innings. His signing price, 4 years/$36 million was high, but it wasn’t outlandish- not for a player of his pedigree (He’s a former first round pick) and proven caliber- and he turned down more money to stay on the east coast. Miller is a team guy- he said publicly that he would accept whatever role the Yankees had in mind for him- who would have looked great setting up Zach Britton this season.  Combining those two in orange and black would have been lights out for the rest of the AL East.


But instead, Miller is in New York slamming doors shut and Rodriguez is in Boston looking like a 22-year-old phenom.  If Miller is still in Baltimore, the trade of Rodriguez is at least is still bearing fruit for the Birds.  But without a pennant and without Miller, the O’s have nothing to show for trading away one of their best young prospects- a young prospect that is going to be pitching in this division for a long time.  It’s a shame the O’s didn’t pony up the dough for Miller, but that’s just the way it is around here.

This entire situation shows why teams don’t trade prospects within their division. It also shows why the Yankees have 27 championships and why the O’s haven’t won one in over 30 years.

Meanwhile, the Birds won a 1-0 nut-cruncher tonight.  Sweet, babes.

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