Raymond Reddington May Be My Favorite T.V. Character Of All Time

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As the fall season finale of The Blacklist ended last night, a realization came over me. James Spader’s character, Raymond “Red” Reddington, is probably my favorite T.V character ever . He was born to play this villain/hero/father figure and from episode to episode you have no idea which aspect of his character is going to surface.


My favorite aspect of Spader’s performance each week is the pure charisma that oozes from his Reddington character. Known as the Concierge of Crime, Red is always the most comfortable person in the room. Whether he is swooning the highest of society folk, or stuck in a Turkish prison, Red is always in complete control.
The emotional range Spader displays in the role is spectacular. He is fantastic whether he is making a joke or deeply compassionate in any scene. One of my favorite scenes of the show occurred last night as he sat down at a table across from his nemesis. He has the man in captivity, yet he instructs his bodyguard to remove the cuffs. The man is Russian, old school KGB, and he knows what fate awaits him. Red proceeds to pull out a bottle of Russian Vodka, cheers him the authentic, “Nostrovia,” and drinks the bottle empty before he does the deed. A truly distinguished and respectful rite of passage for a worthy adversary.

I also love the fact that throughout the duration of the show, Red is basically allies or in cahoots with almost everyone. If you watched the show last night, you saw the shocker that was thrown in at the last second with Tom and Red. That is what keeps the show fresh- the ongoing twists and turns that occur from week to week with the ongoing storyline.
The show resumes again after the Super Bowl, which gives you time if you don’t watch the show to catch up on Netflix. I assure you it’s worth your time. Red Reddington is the type of character that makes the entire show by himself, and he is flat out fun to watch. Always impeccably dressed, suave, and conducting his business- Red reminds me of  Ocean’s 11 and how folks envied Clooney and Pitt and wanted to he just like them.

He also reminds me of me, babes.

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