Ray Rice Says Sorry Again. Now I Can Go On With My Life.

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Ray Rice apologized today in a statement written for the Baltimore Sun.  I guess he felt like he owed us all one after knocking out his wife and bringing a shit-storm of negative attention to the Ravens, their fans, and to the City of Baltimore.  Here’s Rice’s statement, as shown in the Sun:

Dear Baltimore,

Thank you.

— Ray Rice

Now I can sleep at night. I guess Ray Rice was the last guy to get the memo that nobody around here gives a crap about him anymore.  The jerseys have been returned, Justin Forsett was toting the rock all last season, and we all are now subjected to constant No More commercials with famous, and semi-famous, athletes and actors crying into the cameras with their huge faces all twisted and moist from tears.  Rice will always be associated with domestic violence and thanks to his actions, so will the Ravens and so will elevators.


At least now those who weren’t aware that this kind of awful and horrible stuff goes on all the time in households all over the world, will be aware.  And at least now the NFL is taking the issue of domestic abuse seriously instead of just brushing it under the shield.  And maybe somewhere, somehow, this incident will raise awareness and help somebody get the help they need.

Is this apology a nice gesture?  Sure. But I’m done with this story.  I just hope Ray Rice never hits his wife, Janay, again.

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