Ray Lewis Will Be Helping Coaches Get Over Their Anger Issues On A New T.V. Show.

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Ray Lewis is set to star in a reality show on Spike TV that helps angry football coaches deal with their anger issues.

Wait, I thought anger in football was good.  I mean, my Pop Warner coach was one of the angriest bastards I ever met.  Trust me, there’s nothing quite like a coach foaming at the mouth and spitting and cussing over a bunch of eight-year-old kids playing football, it’s as American as apple pie.  Angry coaches across this country shaped groups of small children in machines of sports violence.  It made all the kids better men and adults.  If they could tackle a rec game of football (pun intended), then they could tackle this big ol’ thing called life, right?  Absolutely.  Paying the bills and caring for a family is nothing compared to those 100 degree August practices, with no water allowed, in the humid and baking Baltimore County sun.

But nowadays, the angry, over the top coach is frowned upon.  This former figurehead of American toughness is thought of as a psychopath.  And now it’s up to Ray and Dr. Christian Conte to fix these deranged coaches.  Add side-kicks Bill Romanowski (I guess he’s the spit in someone else’s face expert.) and Colt coach Chuck Pagano and you’ve got yourself some calmed down and Zen-like football.

If anything, the show will at least feature the best linebacker to play the game in Ray Lewis and we’ll get to laugh at people who go bonkers and lose their minds over a missed block on a 43 Dive play.

The show will debut in 2015.
If they would of had a basketball version of this a few years ago, maybe Mike Rice would still be coaching at Rutgers (Doubt it.)…..

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